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Laptop computer repairs at an affordable price by Noor Computers

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article image Noor Computers offers laptop computer repairs

Based in Sydney, Noor Computers specialises in a range of computer repairs, including both desktop and laptop repairs on a variety of makes and models.

The technical staff at Noor Computers understand the issues that can occur with individual computers and as such offer optimal desktop and laptop computer repairs. After a short conversation with one of the service technicians at Noor Computers the customer is informed of the lowest cost way to service the computer. The company is committed to the highest quality computer repair service, provided at the most affordable flat rates.

When it comes to laptop computer repairs, Noor Computers have every problem covered, from broken LCD screens to hard drive failure, and loss of power and memory failure. They are also able to fix software issues, such as viruses, Windows errors, and crashed operating systems. Replacement LCD screens, keyboards, wireless internet chips, motherboards, laptop batteries, AC adapter/charger, memory/RAM, hard drive disk, DVD burner, laptop cables.

Other laptop computer repair services provided by Noor Computers include:

  • full diagnostic testing
  • complete inspection
  • 24 hour stress tests on hardware
  • replacement part installation
  • upgrade part installation
  • clean interior and fans
  • clean exterior
  • Bios upgrade
  • driver update.

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