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Portable Data Recorders with Simple Operation from NVSM

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A new line of optical data recorders by HBM is now available from Noise and Vibration Measurement Systems .

GEN2i portable data recorders find application in the fields of maintenance, service and commissioning due to their compact size and simple operation.

GEN2i optical data recorders are available in four, eight or sixteen input channel options, offering sufficient flexibility for demanding measurement tasks.

Input amplifiers range from isolated voltage inputs with 200 kS/s per channel as well as bridge and IEPE modules to fast inputs that support 100 MS/s, suitable for fault-tracing in electric systems or transient data acquisition during ballistic tests.

The measurement data can be written directly to disk at speeds up to 20 MB/S onto the integrated semi-conductor hard drive (Solid State Disk) or temporarily stored at far higher rates in the RAM of the input modules.

GEN2i optical data recorders are characterised by portability, simple operation and rapid processing of even large quantities of data.

Key features include:

  • Modular, flexible and portable
  • Based on a modern PC with Windows 7 OS
  • Perception Standard software installed on the system supports a unique dual operating concept
  • Can be controlled completely from the integrated high resolution 17" touchscreen in mobile applications
  • Simple menus enable device settings and important functions such as measurement Start/Stop
  • Sampling rate or channel settings are available directly via buttons on the screen
  • Efficient data acquisition systems with easy operation

For more advanced applications, the user interface can be set to Perception Complete, and a mouse and keyboard can be connected. All of Perception’s software features are then available to the user.

This allows where required, optional software modules such as channel math or FFT analysis to be installed and used.

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