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NVMS offers Compass 6000 condition monitoring solution - increasing machine and plant efficiency

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Noise and Vibration Measurement Systems  (NVMS), the agent of Brüel & Kjær Vibro for Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia announces the successful introduction and worldwide release of the new Compass 6000 condition and performance monitoring platform. This state-of-the-art monitoring system, designed in close cooperation with machine manufacturers and end-users, has already proven itself as a fully-functional system to a number of key customers with outstanding success.

Machine monitoring and protection without gaps:

  • Compass 6000 condition monitoring system acquires data from Brüel & Kjær Vibro’s rack-mounted VC-6000 monitoring modules.
  • The technologically advanced, compact design of this hardware provides reliable plant-wide safety monitoring that operates completely independent of the condition monitoring portion of the system.
  • The VC-6000 has a number of different monitoring modules with up to 3 redundant power supplies.
  • The Compass 6000 monitoring software and the VC-6000 monitoring hardware together provide extensive plant interfacing capabilities, including dual/single Modbus communications, Ethernet LAN, 4-20 mA outputs, and an OPC interface.
Latest diagnostic and condition monitoring techniques:
  • The Compass 6000 condition monitoring system integrates advanced diagnostic monitoring techniques with performance monitoring functionality.
  • It is a Windows-based monitoring platform consisting of several software modules; each with its own set of measurements and plots designed specifically to fulfil the particular requirements of an application.
  • Compass 6000 condition monitoring system is impressive in terms of alarm management and rationalisation, adaptive monitoring functionality and diagnostic monitoring capability.
VIBROCONTROL safety systems and COMPASS are no newcomers to the industry. Almost two decades after their introduction, the plant-wide VC-4000 and COMPASS “Classic” systems continue to be used extensively for monitoring a wide range of industrial machinery the world over. The new Compass 6000 system complements and extends the functionality and application of these systems.

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