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LAN-XI Data acquisition hardware from Noise and Vibration Measurement Systems

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Imagine less hardware and fewer cables, but more flexibility. Imagine less up front investment, but more uptime.

Imagine using the same equipment to make a multi-channel measurement using several large rack systems one day, and a simpler two-channel measurement using a single module the next.

With LAN-XI Data Acquisition Hardware, available from Noise and Vibration Measurement Systems , all this is reality.

Running on AC, DC or Power over Ethernet (PoE), and with interchangeable front panel connectors, this versatile system of modular hardware can be used as a stand-alone, single front-end, as part of a distributed module setup, or collected in 11-module frames.

The user can just configure and reconfigure according to the nature of the test job. In the laboratory or in the field, one system does it all.

And LAN-XI’s backward-compatibility ensures that its multitude of benefits can be enjoyed by the thousands of existing Brüel & Kjær Pulse hardware and I-deas users worldwide.

End cable horror with LAN-XI. Due to PoE, wired Ethernet LAN technology that allows the electrical current needed for operate each module to be carried by cables rather than by separate power cables, the user can now use standard LAN cables for synchronous sampling between modules and system power.

Furthermore, with LAN-XI Brüel & Kjær introduces PTP (Precision Time Protocol), a new technique ensuring sample synchronous measurements over the same LAN connection used for transferring the measurement data.

As a result, fewer cables, fewer errors and less hardware make way for more accuracy, more flexibility and more time.

Intelligent user feedback
Trial runs, overloads and under range situations are also a thing of the past as each LAN-XI input module has a front-panel display that monitors information on identification and status, has a wide range of overload detection features, and indicates incorrect conditioning.

Each module also has its own homepage for storing information. For example, the modules’ calibration history can be checked through Internet Explorer.

With LAN-XI, less is more. More than ideal industrial design, the concept also envelops LAN-XI’s practical, down-to-earth, and potent capabilities:

  • One system, many solutions – from 2 to more than 1000 channels
  • Less hardware – interchangeable front-panels allow you to choose your own cables
  • Unlimited data-transfer capacity – Gigabit LAN data backbone
  • No overloads or need for input attenuators – Dyn-X technology
  • Get close to the test object and reduce transducer cable length – LAN interface
  • Less downtime – rugged and light modules cast in magnesium
  • Multi-purpose conditioning of transducers – same input channel can condition all sound and vibration transducers
  • Save time setting up – display on each module’s front panel for easy system configuration and module status information
  • More flexibility – mains, DC, battery and PoE powering
  • Less noise – silent operation
  • Do not get left behind – fully compatible with Pulse IDAe hardware
  • Automatic detection of hardware and transducers – supports IEEE 1451.4-capable TEDS transducers

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