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Fiber Bragg Grating-Based Optical Strain Gages from NVMS

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article image Type K-OR Optical Strain Gage Rosette

Noise and Vibration Measurement Systems  (NVMS) announces the launch of a new line of optical strain gages from HBM.

NVMS represents HBM (Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik) in Australia.

The new optical strain gages (SG) are available in K-OR type rosette form. The rosette comprises of three measuring grids at angles of 0º, 60º and 120º to sense the strain as it occurs.

Similar to electrical strain gages, the optical strain gage rosette allows the absolute value and direction of the mechanical stresses to be defined.

Only 43mm x 47mm in size, the optical K-OR rosette is one of the smallest optical strain gages in rosette form in the world.

Optical strain gages based on fiber Bragg gratings, dispense with electrical signals and use light to measure the strain.

Optical strain gages are suitable for use in applications where it is not possible to use conventional, electrical SGs. This includes potentially explosive environments and areas where there is high voltage or powerful electromagnetic interference.

Optical strain gages are also ideal for materials testing of fibre composites. Tests of up to 10 million load cycles with a strain of ±5.000 µm/m are now possible. Detecting strain measurement data for analysis is very easy with optical SGs.

HBM can supply users with all the components they need from a single source. These include optical SGs with appropriate accessories, interrogators as well as the data acquisition software catmanAP, which includes a special EasyOptics module for optical SGs.

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