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Walkthrough scaffolding available from No Bolt

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Perimeter or walkthrough scaffolding is mostly made from steel tubing but depending on how high you need to stand, the 4700 series scaffolding is easily transformed into a walkthrough scaffold with a standing height of up to 8.4 metre.

The 4700 series scaffolding can be made to fit any length with either internal or external ladder access.

Ease of use

  • No Bolt's 4700 series WalkThru is designed to allow you to focus on the project and less time on scaffolding. The benefits are multiple.
  • Aluminium is considerably lighter than its steel variant and as such makes it easier to handle, saving you time and money on assembly and dismantle.
  • Work with minimal obstructions on the open face of a building
  • The set up allows you to walk through the scaffolding with no obstacles, making it easy to walk around the entire job
  • The clean finish of the WalkThru enhances the overall look of the job


All frames and components in the 4700 series WalkThru are made from structural grade (6061-T6) aluminium tubing with 4.7mm wall thickness.

The frames and components are fully welded (full 360° weld, not riveted or crimped) by hand by our highly skilled welders, resulting in a harder and more resilient scaffold that will stand the test of time. In fact, on some hire yards you will still find 4700 series WalkThru scaffolding in use, being over 30 years old.

Technical specifications

  • Maximum deck height 8.4 metre (10.4 metre working height)
  • Frame lengths 1.2m, 1.8m, 2.4m 3.0m
  • SWL 450Kg per bay
  • Tubing 4.7mm wall thickness
  • Aluminium grade structural high-grade (6061-T6)
  • Decking plywood or aluminium grid-mesh

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