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No Bolt introduces Razadeck 200 at Hire & Rental Industry Exhibition

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At the annual Hire & Rental Industry Exhibition held in Adelaide, No Bolt introduced the new version of the revolutionary Razadeck 200 to the members of the Hire & Rental Industry.

The Razadeck 200 supercedes the conceptual version that has been tested to the requirements of the Australian hire industry.

All recommendations and requirements have been incorporated into the new model, resulting in a product that addresses the new requirements of the British and European health and safety standards for working at limited heights.

The Razadeck 200 provides a safe stable work platform at three platform heights assisted into position by internal tensioning springs designed to power its ascent and control its descent smoothly and effortlessly.

There are no loose components and the failsafe, one-piece product only requires for minimal training.

Razadeck 200, which fits into a station wagon or ute, unfolds from an easily manoeuvred base and simply snap-locks in to place at the desired heights.

Adjustable outriggers provide additional stability and the ample deck provides space and support for the user and tools.

Key features:

  • Three Platform Heights (0.55 metres, 1 metre and 2 metre)
  • Adjustable stabilisers
  • Integrated ladder
  • Simple operation
  • One piece design
  • No formal training
  • No loose components
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy transport and storage
  • Fits through a standard doorway


  • Length 1530mm
  • Width 740mm
  • Packed height 730mm
  • Platform heights 550mm, 1000mm, 2000mm
  • Deck size 1000mm x 700mm
  • Weight 65kg
  • SWL 150kg
  • Reference to AS AS1657, AS1576, AS1892, AS1664

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