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MaxiTRANS use No Bolt Operations’ platforms for safe access to roll-back trailers

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article image Safe access platform that suits all common size roll-back trailers

A custom-made platform has solved an occupational health and safety access issue for Australia’s producer of road transport trailing solutions. Most trailers can be accessed relatively easily through an opening at the back over the bumper. The increasing demand for a new style of ‘roll-back’ trailer was posing an OHS challenge for trailer manufacturer, MaxiTRANS.

Operators who needed access to the rear of these trailers would have to climb up on the chassis and mudguards to gain entrance, stepping over the back of axles in the process.

The major OHS issue was that employees would need to be working at a height of two metres, with difficult access to the trailer. MaxiTRANS have mobile step ladders but nothing specifically for this purpose that would enable employees to step safely into the roll-back trailers.

There was no ready-made access product that fitted the company’s requirements, so MaxiTRANS decided to work together with No Bolt Operations to develop a custom-made solution to this OHS challenge. No Bolt Operations access products were being used by MaxiTRANS for other purposes. Satisfied with their quality and timeliness, MaxiTRANS decided to custom design a safe loading access platform with No Bolt Operations.

The resulting solution is a safe access platform that suits all common size roll-back trailers. It is positioned between the wheels of the trailer, enabling employees to step into the trailer with a maximum 100mm step up or down.

Two people can wheel it into position for full access. The wheels lock into position along the side of the trailer to give people full and safe access, as the platform has safety railings at the required heights.

Operators need to go up, down and off the trailer constantly. This access platform enables MaxiTRANS to mitigate the significant OHS risk of people stepping over the back of axles.

Features of the MaxiTRANS access platform include:

  • 6061-T6 structural high-grade aluminium for durability
  • 900mm handrails and 450mm midrails
  • Stair access that negates the need for 3 points of contact
  • Compliance with relevant Australian Standards

With the access platform now in use, MaxiTRANS is happy with the design and performance. They are also happy with the implementation time from concept through to design, manufacture and delivery.

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