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Manual access made easy with Towermatic

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TWO Victorian hire companies have expanded their range of access equipment to include No Bolt's new "no batteries required" work platform, the Towermatic.

Gary and Jarrod Kerr of Kerr's Northside Hire and Roger Bylsma of Bylsma Hire both recently added the Towermatic to their fleet.

According to the Australian distributors, No Bolt, the Towermatic is supplied in one compact unit weighing no more than 320kg and has six platform heights ranging from 1.65m to 4.00m that can be altered in seconds.

Easy to use, transport and store, the Towermatic does not require a power source, engine or batteries.

Operation is simple. Once the unit has been positioned safely and the platform cage assembled, depressing the mechanism release bar unlocks the height adjusters and activates the patented, failsafe tension system.

This allows the operator to manually raise or lower the work platform to a maximum height of 4m in seconds, smoothly and silently.

Stepping off the foot control bar double locks the tower at the desired height with access to the work platform gained by the integrated ladder.

According to Kerr's Gary Kerr, customers need not be limited to a scissor lift or scaffold. He says they were looking for a product that would fit nicely between the two categories and the Towermatic is essentially a combination of the two.

At 320kg and supplied with a purpose built trailer, it is light enough to be easily towed around behind a car and can fit through most standard doorways.

Given it does not require power and the platform can be easily raised or lowered, Kerr’s customers can spend more time on their job and less time setting up for it.

Kerr's Northside Hire has an extensive range of equipment for hire, supplying large and small contractors as well as home renovators and the handyman. The policy at Kerr's is "If we haven't got it, we'll find it for you."

While catering to a strong market in scaffolding and access equipment, Roger Bylsma quickly identified the benefits of the Towermatic for his customers.

Roger Bylsma says the Towermatic is easy to operate and work at heights from 1.65m to 4m, adjustable in seconds.

The absence of any necessary external power source, the lightweight manoeuvrability and the ability to pick up and transport on a standard tow bar means customers have the benefits of both a scaffold and scissor lift in one trouble-free, simple to use piece of equipment.

Bylsma Hire has been operating for 50 years and is a leader in Western Victoria for a huge range of equipment. The company is constantly searching for new and innovative products to make jobs quicker and easier.

The Towermatic will complement Bylsma Hire's extensive choice of building and renovating equipment.

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