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Customisable truck access platform

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IN many instances, cranes and forklifts are used in the loading of trucks, the issue of safe access to either restrain or release the load still remains.

"We are receiving an increasing number of requests to assist in the development of a truck access platform," says Will Collie, No Bolt's director of business development.

The risks associated with climbing over the load or safely accessing the tray are concerns and this has led to the development of the No Bolt Truck Access Platform.

The company can manufacture to a customer's specifications and have provided solutions ranging from 2m in length to 12m long platforms supplied in three components to allow flexibility on site.

Another concern is the supply of a product that can be used and then removed as required as space is always an issue. To address this the platforms are supplied with a range of mobility options or they can be permanently affixed to the floor.

Similarly, No Bolt also supplies a range of platform heights to suit a range of tray heights.

The platform can be built to suit any height tray to enhance safety when accessing the tray for loading and unloading. Adjustable castors allow for minor variations in tray heights.

The platform length can be built to the customer's specifications and No Bolt is able to link two or more platforms together to function as one unit depending on the length of the trays. The platform can be supplied with self closing gates.

The truck access platform is constructed from 6061-T6 high-grade structural aluminium utilising No Bolt's exclusive tread design.

This design overcomes the traditional bowing found in treads after a prolonged period of use. It is supplied with an internal stringer and a non-slip surface.

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