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Nilfisk introduces new compact ride-on washers

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article image Nilfisk Cyclone high pressure washer

The Nilfisk Cyclone is a new range of compact ride-on high pressure washers for everyday cleaning of large public or commercial areas.

Recommended for use in transit facilities, airport ramps, city parking garages, car parks, public works, resorts, theme parks, roads, factories, warehouses, loading docks, and environmental clean-up and spill recovery applications among many others, the Nilfisk Cyclone can basically be used anywhere there is a concrete and sealed pavement.

Nilfisk Cyclone high pressure washers are designed for easy operation and maintenance, offering convenient access to machine components. The machine can be transformed from a surface cleaner to a curb cleaner or a hand-wand cleaner with a simple turn of a lever.

Cleaning large areas in less time than traditional walk-behind pressure cleaners, the Nilfisk Cyclone features power steering as standard for easy operation alongside curbs and around corners. The patented cleaning and recovery head aggressively removes build-up, marks and petroleum deposits from concrete and asphalt with absolutely no damage to cleaned surfaces.

Nilfisk Cyclone ride on high pressure washers are environment-friendly too, preventing any discharge into the outdoors with all water used in the cleaning process recovered and filtered so that contaminants are removed and contained, and the water recycled. 

The Nilfisk Cyclone eliminates typical issues such as dragging hoses, surface runoff, frequent stops for dumping and refilling, wet feet and environmental pollution.

Nilfisk is a brand owned by the Denmark-based Nilfisk-Advance, which is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional cleaning equipment.

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