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Height Rider 21 Hybrid All-Wheel-Drive Work Platforms from Niftylift

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article image Height Rider 21 Hybrid All-Wheel-Drive Work Platform

Niftylift offers a new generation of environmentally-sensitive work platforms designed to accommodate two workers.

The Height Rider 21 (HR21) hybrid all-wheel-drive (AWD) work platform combines advanced power-source technology with versatile AWD capabilities to deliver excellent performance from a compact, low weight and manoeuvrable design.


Designed as a 2-man work platform, the HR21 hybrid AWD has a 20.70m working height and 12.60m working outreach.

Weighing about 6,300kg, HR21 hybrid AWD work platforms are up to 50% lighter than available options in the market while being narrower and shorter in length and height.

Hybrid Power System

HR21 AWD work platforms offer electric and diesel operation capabilities.

When running on electric motors, the HR21 is a zero emission machine that can work indoors or outdoors quietly. When running on diesel, the innovative hybrid power system allows the electric motor to automatically assist the diesel engine when required, boosting the overall power available.

Simultaneously, the electric motor channels the excess power from the diesel engine back to the batteries, storing it for later use. The innovative hybrid technology allows the work platform to use a much smaller diesel engine, reducing fuel consumption and running costs.

Additionally, the HR21 can fully re-charge itself in just 4 hours using the Diesel Re-Gen feature, charging up to twice as fast as standard mains power.

The HR21 also features an advanced exhaust purification system, greatly reducing CO/NOx, particulates and noise emissions during the diesel operation, making these hybrid work platforms highly environment-friendly machines.  

ToughCage Technology

The HR21 Hybrid AWD also features Niftylift's new ToughCage that comes with a tough impact-resistant composite base and larger cross-section steel cage for extra strength and durability, protecting the operator and reducing the risk of damage to the cage.

SiOPS Safety System

All HR21 hydraulic work platforms are fitted with the new SiOPS safety system to prevent sustained involuntary operation of the controls if the operator should become trapped between an overhead obstacle and the machine’s active controls.

The safety system gives the operator sufficient time to take responsive action.


HR21's innovative AWD system maximises traction and drive in any given environment by automatically choosing the specific drive configuration that best suits the task at hand. For instance, 2WD is selected for travelling on flat or level ground, switching to AWD when it detects a steep slope or rough terrain for better traction. 

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