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Nichol Industries releases new Trakatag E150 Tag System

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Identification tags are traditionally stamped by an operator using hand stamps. This is time consuming, expensive, and mistakes are made.

The tags can also be hard to read. This is particularly a problem in applications where the tags are galvanised, painted or powder coated.

Nichol Industries  of Nunawading, Victoria, a supplier of Permanent Identification solutions, has overcome this problem with the release of the Trakatag E150.

The new Trakatag E150 uses industry-proven Telesis technology in the form of a TMP1700 Pinstamp system that stamps metal strip, which is indexed, clamped, trimmed and hole-punched, by the machine to provide alpha-numerically marked identification tags in less than 7 seconds per tag.

A generous print window of up to 60mm by 35mm can produce tags with customer name, serial number, part number, date code, shift code, 2-D code, numerical sequencing, alpha-numeric characters - or any other physically transferable information.

In a further enhancement the Trakatag E150 can also produce tags with raised characters.

The secret to this is embossing, instead of engraving. Simple, but absolutely effective and ideal, it is much quicker than the old letter stamping method. It does not make mistakes either.

“During a recent visit to Telesis, one of our USA suppliers, we spoke about our need for a reversed or mirror-imaged font to enable us to stamp thin material from the underside, to produce embossed markings on metal tags,” explained general manager Adam Nichol.

“Telesis helped us to develop a font which let us begin exhaustive testing on an array of materials to satisfy various applications, including galvanising. And with testing complete, the new technology is now being put to good use,” added Nichol.

In a fast two-step process of entering the print data, and pressing the start button, identification tags are rapidly produced, and minimal scrap is dropped into a tray below the machine.

The whole self-contained package is neatly manufactured in an enclosed, portable frame and includes PLC, E-stop, stack-light, all on-board pneumatics, single-phase electrics and operators are protected by safety-interlocked, robust, see-through guarding.

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