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29/08/08 - A rapid-turnaround, contract marking service is now available and is suitable for businesses who do not wish to purchase another machine that may only return low utilisation. Nichol Industries’ sizeable investment in one of Telesis latest laser marke
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22/08/08 - Nichol Industries are providers of permanent identification solutions including pinstamping and hydraulic hose identification. There are a number of different types of hose-ends and fittings that are used in the fluid power industry.
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20/08/08 - Nichol Industries are suppliers of pinstamping and other permanent identification machines. The Telesis TMP1700 pinstamper is rugged and requires low-maintenance.
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17/07/07 - Nichol Industries of Nunawading, Victoria, a supplier of Permanent Identification solutions, has released new Trakatag E150.
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