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Electric fork trucks to meet HACCAP hygiene standards from Nichiyu Australia

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Nichiyu Australia  offers battery electric forklifts.

Queensland based food importer, wholesaler and retailer Yuen’s Market Trading Company operate staggered 10 hour shifts from its 5,000 square metre warehouse in Queensland; where it receives approximately four hundred 20 and 40 foot shipping containers of Asian food products each year; which is then distributed under the ‘Pandaroo’ brand name throughout Australia.

After twenty seven (27) years in the business the company counts many of the large multinationals such as Woolworth’s, Franklins, I.G.A and Bidvest amongst its regular customers and is therefore used to meeting high performance standards in its day to day transactions.

Due to the nature of the industry, high food handling standards are an important priority; and from August the company reached full compliance with HACCAP regulations for the handling of dry goods.

As Managing Director of the company Kevin Yuen made it his business to personally drive the HACCAP compliance programme which focuses, amongst other things, on good house keeping, hygiene and product traceability.

Pollution Free Policy

According to Kevin Yuen a vital pre-requisite in meeting high hygiene standards is choosing battery electric forklifts instead of an internal combustion (IC) machine as most of the time the trucks will be inside and close to food. He was keen to ensure the company chose the most suitable fork trucks to handle the demands that would be placed on them.

“Apart from the obvious concerns about pollution and hygiene we needed to be certain that the machines could work in freezer conditions and withstand the long demanding hours which could impact on the maintenance costs over a long period of time. We also knew from experience that we needed to build a relationship with a service provider that we could trust to respond quickly to address any unforeseen service issues.

“Through our association with Nichiyu’s Queensland dealer NYK Forklifts, we were able to satisfy ourselves that the new range of Nichiyu trucks met all of our specification criteria.”

At present the company’s forklift fleet is predominately made up by the Nichiyu brand with an additional new recently purchased FB70 series Counter Balance truck designed for cold room conditions.

NYK Forklift Director Alan Battelley said, “Nichiyu specialises in the manufacture of battery electric forklifts and the new 70 - AC Series range is a prime example of meeting the increased performance levels currently demanded by present day industry from battery electric trucks”.

New Design

Nichiyu Australia launched its new range of battery electric forklift trucks at the end of 2005 and is designed around three core units namely the 70 series Sit -on Reach truck; the 70 series three wheeler and the 70 series four wheeler container truck.

All incorporate the SICOS – AC central control system that integrates the travel, hydraulic and the electric power steering system which is tuned to be fully compatibility with AC systems.

All machines have energy efficient regenerative power capabilities and power steering on demand to ensure energy is not wasted and operating times between recharging shifts is optimised.

Sit – on – Reach

Nichiyu Australia ’s new sit-on reach truck design features a number of up to date improvements. Examples of this are a 360º continuous steering capability and an ability to lift up to 10 metres high without any lift weight depreciation to a height of 7 metres.

In addition to this they are faster and more compact, enabling them to manoeuvre in smaller aisle spaces. Driver comfort, visibility and safety have been improved by the central hydraulic lift ram being positioned off centre, providing a viewing gap which enables the driver to look directly ahead.

Three Wheeled Manoeuvrability

The Nichiyu FBT -70 is a three wheeled battery electric forklift specially designed to turn in narrow aisles, making them suitable in warehouse areas where conventional counter balanced forklifts are unable to access due to limited space or where tight turns are required.

With its synchronised tyre rotation system, the 70T 15, for example, has a small turning radius and provides an improvement in stability.

ISO Container Compatible

The new four wheeled FBC-70 machines are designed to operate competitively with IC trucks in the area of ISO shipping container loading and unloading. This 70 series four wheeled range is available in 2, 2.5 and 3 tonne capacity models.

As these machines are compact, measuring 2050mm high, and are able to be driven easily into Reefer Containers and the ability to ascend gradients of 19%. For additional safety a rear axle safety lock is incorporated to give extra stability when turning into sharp corners.

For wet weather operations it is compliant with the IPX3 rainproof enclosure rating, which means, rain falling vertically or at a 60º angle, will not hinder the machines.

Traditionally, most companies had to transfer to an electric truck from an IC unit so they could drive inside a warehouse premises to avoid toxic emissions.

According to Nichiyu Australia the increased power, speed and ability to handle steep ramps means companies now only need to use a single Nichiyu four wheeled AC machine for inside use as well as for outside shipping container operations.

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