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Safe cable handling with "S" shaped hooks

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article image Non-conductive – non-flammable.

MANY accidents are the result of falls caused by tripping over electrical cables, welding cables, fire hoses, air hoses etc. spread over walkways and work area floors.

Such accidents can easily be avoided by using the Cablesafe to suspend all cables, extension cords, wires and hoses away from the floor.

These simple "S" shaped hooks, available from Newfema Industrial Safety , are produced from very strong and sophisticated non-conductive and non-flammable reinforced polyester and can be used again and again.

In case of emergency situations the escape routes are kept free of obstacles that are of vital importance when seconds can save human life and fire fighters and salvage people will have better access to the place of the accident.

Since the hooks are non-conductive there will be less interruption of work due to short circuit and the danger of electrification will be reduced significantly.

Practical use of the hooks learns that there is an additional benefit of a more economic use of cables and hoses, the number of cables that are not necessary will be reduced and the lifetime of the cables will be longer because risk of damage due to sharp edges will be reduced to a minimum.

There are three sizes and maximum allowed load is specified on each hook. Each end of the hook has a hole that enables the user to save guard the hooks and cables by means of a Cable-Ties or Tie-rap.

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