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18/03/08 - Committed to bringing design engineers and maintenance professionals the new technologies first, multi-channel electronics distributor Newark, part of the global Premier Farnell Group, has launched new products portal on its website.
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17/03/08 - Newark, part of the global Premier Farnell Group and a multi-channel, high-service electronics distributor supporting millions of engineers and purchasing professionals across America, has announced that it is now stocking three solutions introduced
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30/01/08 - Newark Australia and New Zealand is a subsidiary of the world famous Premier Farnell Group and they specialise in the supply and distribution of all electronic, repair, maintenance, industrial products that are required for the sound running of a wor
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29/01/08 - A subsidiary of the Premier Farnell Group, Newark Australia and New Zealand is a distributor and supplier of all electrical, repair, maintenance goods and components in Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Brazil etc.
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Newark Australia and New Zealand (Head office) Update these details
2 Ferngrove Place
South Granville
NSW 2142
Tel: 02 9645 8811
Fax: 02 8717 8811

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