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Plastic body filters, regulators and lubricators

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article image Latest European air preparation equipment using advanced technopolymer technology.

NEUFORCE Pneumatics is the exclusive distributor of Italian manufacturer Aircomp’s pneumatic products.

Aircomp's range of air preparation equipment uses some of the latest advances in technopolymer technology to create very tough plastic body filters, regulators and lubricators (FRLs).

Using advanced plastics give Aircomp the capability of manufacturing products quickly and cost effectively, allowing cost efficiencies to be passed on to consumers.

Plastic FRLs can be used in many environments but are particulary useful in applications where aluminium bodied units perform poorly or are not allowed. Marine, mining, medical and food handling industries are ideal environments as these plastic air preparation units can be fully washed down when required and have the toughness to withstand heavy usage.

The range is packed with features that can reduce the amount of time and effort required to operationally maintain a quality compressed air supply.

Filters, regulators and lubricators can be used stand alone or as part of a modular design. Additional equipment includes lockable 3-way on-off valves, distribution blocks to takeoff filtered and/or regulated air and electrically operated shut-off valves that can shut off the air supply and relieve the downstream circuit.

The filters come with 20μ elements as standard and 5μ or 0.1μ elements can be supplied. Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic drains are available.

Regulators are fitted with rolling diaphragms and balancing valves to provide greater air flow and higher sensitivity.

Lubricators can be fitted with float sensors that will enable audio or visual alerts when minimum oil levels are reached and can also be equipped with a unique 'auto filling' mechanism that allows oil to be 'uploaded' to the lubricator by the push of a button.

NeuForce Pneumatics carries the full range of Aircomp air preparation equipment that supports port sizes of 1/8" - 1" and stock levels are maintained allowing for immediate delivery anywhere in Australia or the surrounding region.

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