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PTFE and FEP tubing available from NeuForce Pneumatics

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article image PTFE and FEP tubing – ideal for food, chemical and high/low temperature applications

NeuForce Pneumatics  offer PTFE and FEP tubing products which are used in the food and chemical industries.

The PTFE or Teflon (trademak of Dupont) is a robust but flexible tubing product. It is resistent to most chemicals, has a broad operating temperature range (-250C to +250C) and is safe for food and beverage applications. The tube has a milky white appearance and is translucent.

The FEP is another flouropolymer similar to PTFE tubing product but has slightly different properties. It is clearer in appearance and is used for applications where the fluid in the tube needs to be seen. It has a slightly lower operating temperature range (-240C to +205C).

Both the FEP and PTFE materials have low coefficients of friction with PTFE having the lowest of any material. PTFE is the material used in non-stick pans.

These tubing products can be used with the NeuForce Pneumatics’ range of stainless steel push-in or PVDF barb fittings.

Additional properties of the PTFE and FEP tubing are:
Chemically inert

  • Low extractable
  • Good dielectric insulation
  • Biocompatibe – USP class VI approved
  • Flame resistant UL94 VO – LOI >95%
  • Easy to clean
  • ETO and autoclave approved

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