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Aircomp offers valves for pneumatic applications

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Italian manufacturer Aircomp provides a comprehensive range of valves for pneumatic applications. The valves are presented in product lines 100 – 127.
Line 100 (M5, 4mm) consists of technopolymer bodied poppet microvalves which feature reduced dimensions, speed and signal precision. These valves come with either M5 or 4mm push-in fitting connections.

Line 110 (1/8”, 4mm) consists of 3/2 and 2/2 solenoid valves in both NC and NO configurations. These valves can be assembled in batteries with different input pressures and can share a common exhaust. This helps to overcome the problem of emmiting oily or contaminated air into the area where the valves are mounted which normally would affect electrical components close by.

18mm aluminium bodied, pneumatic and solenoid actuated valves form the 115 line (1/8”). These valves provide high performance along with a small form factor. In the solenoid models, the actuation takes place through 15mm solenoid pilots which allow for a significant reduction in electricity consumption.

Lines 120 (1/8”) and 125 (1/8”, ¼”, 8mm) are technopolymer bodied valves with similar performance charicteristics. Both ranges also features mechanical and manual valves with the same body size of 22mm Unlike the 120 line, the 125 solenoid and pneumatic valves can be battery assembled on base manifolds. . Valves can be 3/2 (120 only), 5/2 or 5/3 and have the usual range of spool position options.

Line 127 (1/8”, ¼”) is an aluminium 22mm bodied range consisting of solenoid, pneumatic, mechanical and manual devices. They are similar to the previous 125 range but offer the traditional metal body.

Marine, mining, medical and food handling industries are ideal environments for the technopolymer units. Used in conjunction with other Aircomp products not only does the user benefit from high performance and ease of use but the range provides a pleasing colour coordinated effect which enhances the professional image of any facility.

NeuForce Pneumatics carries an extensive range of Aircomp Valves along with other specialised and complimentary valves and accessories from other manufacturers. Adequate stock levels are maintained allowing for immediate delivery anywhere in Australia or the surrounding region.

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