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Tunable laser covers 150nm wavelength

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NETTEST has announced a new sweeping mode function for its TUNICS-Plus tunable laser. Designed to meet the testing needs of component manufacturers, system designers, network operators, and those responsible for developing next-generation networks, TUNICS-Plus covers the industry's largest wavelength range of 150nm at 0dBm and 70nm at 8dBm.

Another advantage is that the user can select the sweeping speed from 1 to 100nm per second. This breakthrough in tunable laser technology will ultimately help customers cut costs by reducing testing time and equipment required.

The TUNICS-Plus model features two modes for the laser:

· Sweeping mode, delivers a continuous variation of the wavelength at a constant rate to enable a fast and uninterrupted measurement of the device; in addition, the sweeping speed as well as the beginning and ending wavelengths can be selected.

· In step-by-step mode, the laser stops at the required wavelength to allow for long-term testing as well as alignments.

TUNICS-Plus is completely mode-hop-free for the entire sweeping range. Offering the same high performances as the original step-by-step mode, the sweeping mode function offers various ranges from 1260 to 1640nm (from O to U-band), and high output power with low noise.

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