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NetTest releases QuestFiber 2.1

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NetTest has unveiled the latest version of its QuestFiber remote monitoring system with new DWDM network and automated reporting functionality.

QuestFiber 2.1 now supports spectral monitoring for DWDM networks and provides network operations managers with an automated reporting tool, which it is touting as a first for remote fibre test systems.

“With its DWDM monitoring and automated reporting, QuestFiber 2.1 provides network operators with a unique tool that allows them to fully manage their networks with minimal effort,” NetTest product management VP David Coker said.

Coker said the system’s optical channel analysis (OCA) module for DWDM networks provides comprehensive spectral information to the operator, including automated tracking of key spectral parameters such as OSNR, gain tilt and ASE noise levels along with power level and central wavelength tracking for each optical channel.

Each key parameter can also be tracked for long-term performance assessments, meaning real-time and historical data may be analysed while overlaid with standard ITU-T grid specifications for quick visual analysis.

The system can also provide alarm notification whenever any of the spectral characteristics fall outside of specified performance parameters, Coker said.

The automated reporting tool also allows operators to schedule QuestFiber to collect, analyse and summarise optical network data automatically, either on a scheduled or ad-hoc basis.

Reports are then generated and automatically send out as PDF files to key operations personnel.

Key optical quality of service parameters can also be tracked for key services or customers, thus allowing automated validation of service level agreements, Coker added.

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