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NetTest has announced WALICS-Reference, a benchtop DWDM optical spectrum analyser that allows engineers to perform detailed analysis of transmission channels in DWDM systems.

Operating from 1250 to 1650nm, WALICS has been optimised for the S, C and L bands as well as for potential monitoring wavelengths.

Featuring a sharp and narrow spectral response, WALICS combines high resolution with high dynamic range and enables accurate optical SNR measurements in DWDM systems down to 12.5GHz spacing.

WALICS-Reference also provides high-level software solutions through a user-friendly interface that includes WDM tables and statistics, an EDFA testing application and source characterisations.

Using its flat-top filter mode, WALICS can be used to isolate one specific channel for additional testing, such as BERT. In addition, WALICS-Reference boasts a remarkable ±10pm wavelength accuracy over the wavelength range.

"As the DWDM industry continues to evolve with terabit-size transmission systems that incorporate tightly spaced channels, high-resolution and high-dynamic spectral analysis has become critical," Laurent Begin, product marketing manager for NetTest, said.

"NetTest designed the WALICS-Reference for engineers to meet increasing demands for optimising next generation optical networks." NetTest 03 9890 2824.

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