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Automated fibre handler cuts costs

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NetTest has released the 1200 automated fibre handler, a comprehensive fibre preparation solution that enables optical fibre manufacturers to significantly reduce production costs by automating the time-consuming optical fibre stripping, cleaning, cleaving and temporary coupling activities that currently bottleneck critical final QA tests.

The handler combines NetTest fibre preparation and temporary alignment technologies with commercial automation components in a compact, self-contained package.

Automation of technologies, such as the industry standard FK11 ultrasonic cleaver and the 1100 single fibre aligner, in a controlled environment maximises the performance of these components and produces the level of 24/7 reliability that is essential for effective test automation.

When routine maintenance is required, the 1200's modular design at both the component and overall system levels minimises both maintenance expense and the cost of production downtime.

In addition to performance and reliability, the 1200's comprehensive yet modular design provides fibre manufacturers with deployment flexibility.

Manufacturers can gradually implement fibre handling automation capability as required, station-by-station, and they are provided with a variety of fibre interfacing options.

These include manual deployment where fibre ends are introduced to the 1200 by hand, semi-automated operation where manually loaded fibre spools are mechanically shuttled into place, and full test automation where fibre spools are delivered to the 1200 without any operator intervention.

The implementation and deployment scalability of the 1200 gives capital-constrained fibre manufacturers the incremental automation capability they need now to reduce costs and compete effectively. NetTest 03 9890 6677.

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