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Netsuite delivers cloud manufacturing software suite designed to run global, mid-size business operations

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NetSuite Australia , vendors of cloud computing business management software suites, have announced the NetSuite Manufacturing Edition, a cloud manufacturing suite designed to help fast-growing and mid-size manufacturers run their global business operations with greater agility and visibility.

Key functionality in NetSuite’s new manufacturing solution includes multi-site planning and management, material requirements planning (MRP), production management, engineering change control (ECC), shop floor control and work-in-progress (WIP) management.

Built on the world's leading cloud computing business suite, NetSuite Manufacturing Edition delivers the deep functionality required to support the fast pace and global reach that characterise today’s manufacturing operations, resulting in dramatic cost savings and productivity gains while enabling manufacturers to replace their current archaic and expensive on-premise manufacturing systems.

“While some vendors make promises about cloud-based products that don’t live up to their hype, and others build niche tools for manufacturers, only NetSuite delivers a complete manufacturing suite from the cloud that is available and running today,” said Jim McGeever, CFO of NetSuite. “With NetSuite, manufacturers now have the suite they need to move their key operations to the cloud and reap the many productivity and cost reduction benefits cloud computing has to offer.”

Manufacturers today must contend with intense cost pressures, relentless competition, global expansion challenges and rapidly changing customer demand. Obsessing over the delicate details of integrating separate software for sourcing, fulfillment, inventory, accounting and customer service produces no value, and instead introduces unnecessary complexity and inefficiencies requiring the care and feeding of costly IT resources.

To help manufacturers survive and thrive, NetSuite Manufacturing Edition delivers the following key capabilities and benefits:

Seamless management of global businesses, including comprehensive support for the multi-company, multi-plant, multi-location and multi-currency enterprise, with instant real-time visibility into all aspects of operation

A fully integrated cloud computing enterprise management system which enables manufacturers to establish new locations with no need to build expensive server farms or virtual private networks in each new territory, slashing the huge costs associated with conventional IT for on-premise software

A flexible, customisable business platform easily adapted to complex manufacturing processes from light assembly to discrete manufacturing, which can be quickly retooled as enterprise demands evolve

“After deploying NetSuite to manage our multi-national manufacturing business, we were able to reduce excess inventory, improve margins and improve our overall global business,” said David Duff, CFO of Xtellus, a manufacturer of fibre optic networking components with operations in South Korea, Israel and the US.

The core functionality for the NetSuite Manufacturing Edition was developed by Rootstock Software on NetSuite's SuiteCloud and NetSuite OneWorld technology platforms.

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