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StoreVault S300 storage solution available from Network Appliance

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StoreVault, a Network Appliance division, has introduced the new StoreVault S300 all-in-one storage solution for small and medium businesses (SMB).

The announcement sets a new standard in SMB storage technology, with good features and capabilities.

The StoreVault S300 provides SMB customers with proven data centre technology including advanced security, scalability, data protection and simplified data management.

"It is clear that the explosive growth of data is creating headaches in data management, protection, and backup and recovery among enterprises and smaller companies alike," said Greg Schulz, founder and senior analyst, StorageIO.

"It's important for vendors to recognise that SMBs deal with the same storage-related headaches that require the same enterprise-level technology to meet their needs. The price point of the S300 will give smaller businesses access to technology that was previously out of their reach. NetApp StoreVault is on the right path to meeting the requirements of a broader base of SMB customers."

The StoreVault S300 is aimed at the IT generalist in smaller companies that typically need 1 to 3TB of data storage, have 5 to 15 servers and are a Windows-centric environment.

The introduction of the StoreVault S300 makes enterprise technology more affordable for smaller firms, making data storage more flexible and powerful than ever before.

The StoreVault S300 is also a good solution for larger firms with small remote (or branch) offices that are seeking lower-cost solutions from NetApp to solve backup, restore, consolidation, and disaster recovery problems.

  • StoreVault to FAS replication: New StoreVault to FAS replication enables replication from StoreVault to existing installed NetApp FAS enterprise solutions to tie multiunit StoreVault installations into a data centre FAS system. SMB customers now have a remote backup service leveraging one set of equipment and the ability to include remote and branch offices in the overall backup process
  • StoreVault Manager 3.0: StoreVault Manager 3.0 is a Windows-based utility that provides additional software licensing and management, including SnapManager for Exchange StoreVault Edition to simplify the complex, manual and time-consuming processes associated with the backup, recovery and verification of Exchange databases
  • Advanced data protection: The StoreVault advanced protection architecture combines data protection with technologies that maintain an entire storage system for maximum availability. High-performance
  • Snapshot copies offer frequent and painless backup and recovery, while RAID-DP provides protection against dual concurrent drive failures. In addition, FlexVol technology enables users to defer capacity purchases to a future date, reducing energy costs and improving capacity usage. StoreVault replication software also copies NAS and SAN data to a remote StoreVault site for simple disaster recovery and read-only remote publication
  • Platform flexibility: The StoreVault S300 is certified to handle virtualisation, NAS and SAN, now SMB customers have access to one product for multiple solutions over time and the flexibility to grow as needed, solving the dilemma of what to buy now and in the future

"Many customers simply buy more DAS or more servers to continue to add capacity but struggle with manageability. That process only provides a band-aid to storage problems," said Nick Verykios, Marketing Director for SAN Systems.

"We are continuing to drive innovation in the SMB and mid-market and to provide our customers with extensive storage options to run their businesses," said Sajai Krishnan, general manager of the StoreVault division.

The StoreVault S300 is a scalable all-in-one networked storage appliance that is customised for SMBs and ideal for remote or branch office installations. With its intuitive Windows graphical user interface and multiprotocol support, the StoreVault S300 makes storage management easy and extends proven NetApp storage technology to smaller companies in the SMB market segment.

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