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Network Appliance releases new storage and data management solutions

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Network Appliance  has released a comprehensive portfolio of storage and data management solutions for Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

These solutions are designed for customers who use Windows Server and SQL Server to support their core infrastructure, business intelligence, data warehousing, and other mission-critical applications in both physical and virtual environments.

With solutions certified by Microsoft from NetApp, customers will be able to easily transition to Windows Server 2008, Hyper-V, and SQL Server 2008 while maintaining simple, efficient, and cost-effective storage.

"Microsoft is very pleased that valued industry partners such as NetApp are supporting Windows Server 2008, Hyper-V, and SQL Server 2008 by providing innovative storage and data management solutions for our customers," said Kim Saunders, senior director of SQL Server Marketing at Microsoft Corporation.

"NetApp storage solutions for Microsoft SQL Server, including SnapManager for SQL Server, help enable customers to take advantage of the features and capabilities of SQL Server 2008 and achieve a flexible, highly available database storage infrastructure to support their business-critical applications and business intelligence platform."

"NetApp is proud to deliver compelling data management solutions by supporting Hyper-V, a key component of Windows Server 2008," said Patrick Rogers, vice president, Solutions Marketing at NetApp.

"With solutions supporting Hyper-V, customers not only can virtualise their Windows environments, but also can virtualise their storage using NetApp storage and data management solutions, enabling customers to achieve greater efficiency, performance, and flexibility from their virtualised Windows Server ecosystem and extend those benefits to NetApp networked storage solutions."

Commitment to the Windows Server 2008

In addition to supporting Microsoft Hyper-V, NetApp is also committed to interoperability with Windows Server 2008. Microsoft certification gives customers the peace of mind that NetApp storage systems meet the rigorous requirements set by Microsoft for storage devices deployed on the Windows Server 2008 platform.

Support of Microsoft SQL Server 2008

"From the thousands of Microsoft SQL Server deployments that we support with NetApp storage solutions, we know that customers want seamless integration between storage solutions and business applications to simplify data management and provide continuous operations," said Rogers.

"Working closely with Microsoft allows us to now extend our industry-leading storage solutions to SQL Server 2008 environments to help maximise database availability and productivity for our mutual customers."

NetApp storage solutions for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 include:

Storage consolidation and migration solutions to enable customers to easily transition to SQL Server 2008, while reducing storage costs and significantly improving the manageability of their database environments

Application test and development solutions to allow software developers to create space-efficient copies of SQL Server databases, reducing the time and storage requirements needed to develop, test and deploy their new applications

Business continuity solutions to provide highly available data storage and a rapid, cost-effective disaster recovery capability for all applications using SQL Server databases

Backup and recovery solutions to protect SQL Server data through the creation of frequent, space-efficient backups using NetApp Snapshot technology. This solution also enables customers to reliably recover data in seconds with NetApp SnapRestore

Scale-up and scale-out solutions to support the needs of enterprise customers requiring large, multiterabyte SQL Server databases

Consolidation of SQL Server data and elimination of unused pools of storage to reduce overall costs

Customers' storage management is simplified through automated data management, rapid storage provisioning, and the ability to back up and restore hundreds of databases residing on a single SQL Server installation.

Data availability is maximised with near-instantaneous backups, rapid database recovery, and the ability to store multiple online clones of SQL Server databases with minimal capacity overhead.

In addition, customers have the benefit of simple, flexible, cost-effective replication and mirroring with NetApp SnapMirror.

NetApp storage solutions for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 combine NetApp SnapManager for SQL Server with other NetApp data management technologies to enable enterprise customers to reduce costs, simplify management, and increase data availability for SQL Server environments.

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