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Network Appliance releases A-SIS deduplication

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Network Appliance  has released NetApp advanced single-instance storage (A-SIS) deduplication for NetApp NearStore and FAS storage systems to help customers achieve the cost benefits of deduplication across a wide variety of environments, including backup, archival, compliance storage and primary data sets as diverse as home directories and genomic data.

The introduction of NetApp A-SIS deduplication provides customers with the ability to reduce capital expenditures and management costs by dramatically reducing the amount of storage they need to purchase and manage.

The reduction in quantity of physical storage translates into savings in power and cooling costs and data centre real estate costs.

Deduplication is just one of the many features customers require from storage vendors, including reliability, scalability, and the ability to easily manage their environments.

With today’s news, customers must consider the cost and efficiency benefits of deduplication as being applicable across all environments and that it should be an integral part of backup, archival, compliance, and general primary storage solutions.

“Deduplication, at its core, is another form of data virtualisation, in which one physical copy represents many logical copies,” said Tony Asaro, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group.

“Deduplication creates a domino effect of efficiency, reducing capital, administrative, and facility costs. We believe that data deduplication is one of the most important and valuable technologies in storage.”

NetApp A-SIS deduplication technology has been in customer use for approximately two years, exclusively in conjunction with Symantec NetBackup.

Today, the same technology is available as an integral part of NetApp storage systems and can be deployed with a wide range of data types.

A-SIS deduplication can be enabled on NetApp FAS and NearStore R200 storage systems with one simple command.

It runs seamlessly in the background, with virtually no read/write performance overhead, and is entirely application transparent.

CommVault, a leading provider of Unified Data Management solutions, has completed testing of A-SIS deduplication with CommVault backup software.

Based on the results users can achieve up to a 20:1 space savings over traditional models, with the possibility of experiencing even greater compression ratios over time.

“The space savings numbers that A-SIS deduplication offers customers speak for themselves,” said David West, vice president of Marketing and Business Development at CommVault.

“With A-SIS deduplication, users will be able to increase the number of data protection and archive copies they can store on NetApp FAS or NearStore storage systems, and gain even greater storage efficiencies”.

“With NetApp A-SIS deduplication in combination with CommVault software, customers now have more choice for enterprise-class deduplication solutions.”

Intuitive Surgical, a global leader in the rapidly emerging field of robotic-assisted minimally invasive surgery, is a customer that uses NetApp deduplication.

“NetApp has decreased our day-to-day storage management needs for home directories and databases, significantly helping to reduce the TCO,” said Steve Lucchesi, vice president, Information Systems at Intuitive Surgical.

“NetApp deduplication provides us with yet another method for conserving space on our storage systems while retaining high performance.”

“Today, with A-SIS, we’re providing customers the universal ability to save space and reduce storage costs regardless of how or where the data comes from,” said Patrick Rogers, vice president of Solutions Marketing at NetApp.

“Since A-SIS deduplication is now integral to NetApp storage platforms, customers get the benefits of deduplication while taking advantage of all NetApp reliability features such as RAID-DP”.

“With the general availability of A-SIS, we are adding another significant space savings capability to our strong portfolio of space savings technologies, including Snapshot, thin provisioning, and storage free clones.”

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