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Network Appliance releases 10Gb Ethernet support across its NetApp FAS product lines

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Network Appliance has released full 10Gb Ethernet support across its high-end and mid-range NetApp fabric-attached storage (FAS) product lines.

Both the FAS3000 and the FAS6000 platforms were 10Gb Ethernet ready when they were released due to their new contemporary high-speed I/O architectures. The NetApp software architecture provided support for the new generation of 10Gb Ethernet Network Interface Cards with the release of Data ONTAP 7.2. In addition, NetApp has tested the functionality with 10GbE switches from Foundry and Cisco and with iSCSI software initiators for Red Hat Linux, Suse Linux, Sun Solaris 10, and Microsoft Windows environments.

According to Networked Storage, the availability of 10Gb Ethernet connectivity will benefit all of its IP-based storage solutions: NFS, CIFS, and iSCSI. The aggressive NetApp support for 10Gb Ethernet demonstrates the ongoing commitment Networked Storage make to its customers to deliver powerful solutions that help them gain more value from their data infrastructure.

10Gb Ethernet-connected NetApp FAS storage systems are well suited for large-scale storage consolidation, with the capacity to simultaneously support hundreds of SAN- and/or NAS-based applications and large numbers of hosts. The NetApp FAS systems support both IP SAN using iSCSI protocol as well as NAS using NFS and CIFS protocols.

The combination of NetApp built-in performance optimisation, highly efficient storage provisioning, backup and recovery capabilities, and data protection features enables customers to recover application data and provision storage, servers, and databases in minutes, not hours. Customers also enjoy simpler configuration and ongoing management, resulting in less IT overhead and expense and significantly reduced TCO.

About 10Gb Ethernet

10Gb Ethernet is simply the next generation of Ethernet. Defined by the IEEE 802.3ae standard that was ratified in 2002, 10Gb Ethernet maintains backward compatibility with previous versions by supporting all the network services that operate at Layer 2, 3, and higher of the OSI model, e.g., VLANs, spanning tree, MPLS, QoS, VoIP, security, etc. 10Gb Ethernet supports both optical and copper media through the 10GBASE-E, 10GBASE-L, 10GBASE-S, 10GBASE-CX4, and the emerging 10GBASE-T standards

10Gb Ethernet products have been available in the market since 2002. Initial products focused on switch-to-switch connectivity with 10-Gigabit ports for (director-class) Ethernet switches and on server connectivity with 10-Gigabit Ethernet network interface cards (NICs). The new generation provides much more affordable connectivity for storage and host environments.

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