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Network Appliance introduces two new brocade director blades

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NetApp  enhances its 4Gbit/sec SAN Portfolio by adding two new blades for the Brocade(r) 48000 Director. Network Appliance, a leader in advanced networked storage solutions, has introduced two new brocade director blades: the 48-port 4Gbit/sec port blade and the FR4-18i router blade, both compatible with the brocade 48000 director.

These brocade director blades help meet the flexibility and investment protection needs of demanding storage area network (SAN) deployments and strengthen and extend the overall NetApp(r) SAN portfolio.

The brocade 48000 director, combined with the new 48-port blade, allows NetApp customers to scale non-disruptively up to as many as 384 concurrently active 4Gbit/sec full-duplex ports in a single domain, providing higher availability, reliability, and scalability.

Increasing SAN connectivity options and improving resource utilisation, the Brocade FR4-18i router blade enables customers to achieve a performance-enhanced implementation of Fibre Channel over IP (FCIP) that delivers throughput for transmitting SAN data over long-distance IP networks.

According to Brocade, it has a long working relationship with NetApp to provide solutions that help customers consolidate and simplify their SANs. The seamless scalability and good value for performance SANs that the NetApp FAS storage systems provides, the new FAS3070, complements the higher port count and performance-optimised routing blades of the
Brocade 48000.

NetApp is a fast growing FC SAN vendor in the market and continues to add to its FC SAN portfolio, enabling customers to consolidate their large-scale data centre environments and achieve optimal performance.

By deploying a flexible NetApp SAN infrastructure of hardware and software, organisations can easily move and share storage resources across the enterprise without adding administrative overhead. NetApp enterprise software enables a host of cost-effective storage solutions such as disaster recovery, compliance, archival, content management, and data security.

Plus, NetApp SAN design and implementation services are available and can assist customers in developing a well-documented design and detailed implementation plan when integrating NetApp FC SAN or IP SAN storage systems into existing IT environments.

The service allows customers to achieve a smooth and efficient deployment, increases overall utilisation, and, provides near-zero downtime during integration.

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