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NetApp offer native FCoE SAN storage solutions

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NetApp  have announced that they will be the first storage vendors to offer native Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) SAN storage solutions. FCoE support extends NetApp’s unified storage architecture, enabling the customers to address changing business needs and opportunities with flexible data access across all protocols. NetApp have been an active participant in the development and ecosystem coordination of the FCoE standard, which achieved another important milestone recently as it moved from the development phase to the review phase within the T11 standards body.

As providers of Ethernet storage solutions, NetApp offer Ethernet-based storage solutions that provide data centre customers with increased performance capabilities and the ability to easily scale their IT infrastructure in virtual environments. FCoE extends Fibre Channel into the Ethernet environment, combining two different technologies to provide customers with more options for SAN connectivity and networking.

As a result, customers benefit more from streamlined IT operations and higher staff productivity. With the support of FCoE as part of their unified storage architecture, NetApp will also enable the customers to be better prepared to adapt to their ever-changing business and IT needs. The unified architecture allows customers to take advantage of the same software and management tools for both Fibre Channel SAN and FCoE for increased flexibility and ease of use.

NetApp’s support of data networking products from partners such as Cisco, Emulex, and QLogic enhances NetApp’s ability to provide customers with the networking technologies needed to augment their data centres. These data networking solutions allow NetApp customers to consolidate their data centres, protect their existing SAN investments, and transition their SAN infrastructure over time.

By simplifying the data centre, customers will be able to lower their power and cooling requirements for increased efficiency. In addition, NetApp have announced their support of the Cisco Nexus 5020 switch, which enhances NetApp’s ability to provide customers with a simplified data centre infrastructure and further bolsters its lineup of Fibre Channel solutions. The Nexus 5000 series is designed for data centres making the transition to 10-Gigabit Ethernet as well as for those ready to deploy a unified fabric.

Cisco share NetApp’s goals to deliver storage networking solutions that improve business agility and reduce both cost and power consumption as said by Jackie Ross, Vice President of Marketing in Cisco’s Server Access and Virtualisation business unit.

As the data centre evolves toward a converged network, Emulex are working closely with ecosystem partners including NetApp to deliver FCoE-based solutions that will support customers' server virtualisation and consolidation initiatives as said by Taufik Ma, Vice President of Product Marketing, Emulex Corporation.

Emulex FCoE Converged Network Adapters leverage field-proven Fibre Channel technology, providing reduced data centre complexity and costs while protecting existing SAN infrastructure investments.

QLogic and NetApp have been working very closely for over a year to bring the first FCoE products to market as said by Amit Vashi, Vice President of Marketing, QLogic Host Solutions Group.

QLogic’s 8000 Series CNAs combined with NetApp native FCoE storage will help IT executives realise the benefits of data and storage networking convergence without sacrificing their investments in existing Fibre Channel SAN management tools.

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