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NetApp introduce new development and test solution for Oracle applications

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NetApp , certified partners in the Oracle PartnerNetwork, have introduced several new offerings to broaden their portfolio of solutions that have been engineered, tested, and integrated with Oracle Applications, Oracle Databases and Oracle Fusion Middleware.

In support of NetApp’s new development and test solutions for heterogeneous SAN environments, NetApp and Oracle have teamed up to provide a tested reference architecture that would enable customers to accelerate time to market for Oracle applications.

NetApp’s solution allows Oracle customers to create copies of Oracle Databases in minutes with minimal incremental storage space to speed test cycles and deployment times. Together, NetApp and Oracle enable customers to respond to changing business, minimise disruptions to their production environment and reduce the infrastructure and administrative costs associated with development and test processes.

NetApp and Oracle have developed the Oracle Database Heterogeneous Development and Test Solution Reference Architecture, which articulates how to set up an Oracle environment with both NetApp and third-party storage systems for use in development and testing environments. This technical document provides a blueprint for successfully deploying a NetApp development and testing solution with Oracle.

Customers who deploy NetApp development and test solutions for Oracle can take advantage of the following features and capabilities:

NetApp FlexClone —Create database copies in minutes without requiring 100% additional storage capacity and help accelerate the time to market for new applications and improve product quality.

NetApp SnapManager for Oracle—Leverage a graphical user interface to ease the process of creating full copies of production database clones.

NetApp SnapMirror for Open Systems—Formerly known as ReplicatorX, SnapMirror for Open Systems enables customers to replicate data from third-party storage to NetApp storage across any distance with low impact on production as well as combine disaster recovery and development and testing on a single infrastructure for better ROI.

NetApp FlexVol—This product enables thin provisioning of storage used for application development and testing.

NetApp SANscreen Plugin for Oracle Enterprise Manager—Provides real-time visibility into storage services delivered to databases; fast, automated troubleshooting; insight into storage provisioning processes; and simplified capacity planning.

Oracle Real Application Testing—Easily leverage resources at your disaster recovery site for testing and leverage NetApp technologies such as Snapshot, SnapMirror and FlexClone to automate the development and testing process.

Oracle Data Guard—Oracle's database-integrated solution for comprehensive disaster recovery and data protection allows efficient replication of Oracle data from production to active development and test environments, while keeping them transactionally consistent

NetApp offer support for Oracle stack. In addition, NetApp have also introduced two new solutions for Oracle Database and Oracle Fusion Middleware offerings:

NetApp ILM, Archive, and Compliance Solution—NetApp’s unified storage architecture simplifies the deployment and ongoing management of tiered storage for Oracle information lifecycle management (ILM) to provide customers with the complete ILM, archive, and compliance solution. Competitive offerings require the deployment of different classes of storage with different operating systems, introducing management complexity and impeding compliance support. With NetApp, tiered storage that combines high-performance (FC) and lower-cost (SATA) drives can be implemented by using a single platform.

NetApp have developed an API that integrates with Oracle Database to enable customers to leverage Oracle ILM Assistant to migrate Oracle data to different tiers of NetApp storage. To help meet governance and compliance requirements, NetApp SnapLock integrates with the Oracle ILM Assistant to easily create WORM volumes. With NetApp and Oracle, users can create and move data between storage tiers while adhering to strict compliance policies.

NetApp Disaster Recovery Solution for Oracle Fusion Middleware—NetApp enables customers to deploy a cost-effective disaster recovery solution to protect not only their mission-critical applications, but also their daily business applications. Together, NetApp and Oracle provide customers with a blueprint for architecting a highly available disaster recovery solution for applications that run on Oracle Fusion Middleware.

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