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NetApp add new models FAS3160 and V3160 to their line of storage systems

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NetApp  announce the addition of the FAS3160 and V3160 to their current line of storage offerings for customers. NetApp also plans to enable 8Gb Fibre Channel support and provide enterprise flash Solid-State Drive storage and flash-based caching modules for its FAS and V-Series products.

The FAS3160 joins the FAS3140 and FAS3170 models. The NetApp FAS3100 series of storage systems offers customers a single unified storage architecture to meet their needs and a common suite of application-aware software and management tools that are part of the Data ONTAP operating system. In addition, features such as thin provisioning, deduplication, RAID-DP, and FlexClone, make it easy for customers to boost storage efficiency and performance.

The NetApp V3160 provides customers the flexibility to meet their diverse and changing business needs by extending the features and capabilities of Data ONTAP, including deduplication, to disk arrays from other storage vendors, such as EMC and HP.  

“We needed a storage solution for our virtual server hosting service to help address the challenging nature of providing data management solutions to our enterprise client base at an overall cost point that could make the model sustainable,” said Matt Stein, VP of Network Services, Primus Telecommunications Canada, a NetApp FAS3100 customer.  

NetApp will expand its support of 8Gb FC SAN solutions for all NetApp FAS and V-Series storage systems to deliver additional value and performance. Customers can now augment their virtualised data centres by addressing their server virtualization demands on storage networks while improving investment protection.

Customers who upgrade to an 8Gb SAN can achieve higher performance and cost efficiencies because of shortened recovery times, increased productivity, faster data access, and increased throughput for virtualised servers.

Also, the addition of an 8Gb target host bus adapter will enable FAS and V-Series customers to upgrade systems with no additional training. “As more customers move to virtualised data centres, their networking and storage requirements become more pronounced,” said Rajiv Ramaswami, VP and general manager of the Data Centre Switching Technology Group at Cisco. “With the new Cisco 8Gbps line cards for the Cisco MDS 9500 Series within NetApp’s SAN switching portfolio, customers gain performance, scalability, and manageability in their virtualised data centres, while at the same time fully preserving their existing investment in their SAN infrastructure."  

NetApp also unveiled today that the new FAS3160, V3160, and other FAS and V-Series storage systems will be enterprise flash ready. As part of its strategy, NetApp will combine flash memory with its unified storage architecture to meet the required performance needs.  

NetApp will give customers practical options by using flash memory both as persistent storage and also for caching purposes. Leveraging flash memory as a modular read cache in the storage controller enables customers to have a cost-effective way to optimise performance for common enterprise applications.

New Integrated Suite of eSupport Tools Provides End-to-End Support. This integrated support toolset combines NetApp AutoSupport, NetApp Premium AutoSupport, and the NetApp Remote Support Diagnostics Tool to provide customers with  storage availability and performance.  

By monitoring many system parameters with the ability to, in most cases, resolve issues without customer intervention, NetApp AutoSupport catches small issues before they become bigger problems that can negatively impact customer applications. Premium AutoSupport complements the baseline AutoSupport capability by providing the customer with the capability to do storage configuration management, autogenerated software upgrade plans, trend analysis, and performance trending. The NetApp Remote Support Diagnostics Tool provides remote 24x7 diagnostics and case resolution by NetApp Technical Support, resulting in reduced customer involvement in diagnostics and troubleshooting.     

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