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FlexCache and Storage Acceleration Appliances from NetApp

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NetApp introduces the FlexCache and Storage Acceleration Appliances, software designed to scale out storage performance for large computer farms, accelerate data access from remote offices, and simplify management of tiered storage.

FlexCache software creates a caching layer in a storage infrastructure that automatically adapts to changing usage patterns, eliminating performance bottlenecks.

At the same time, FlexCache automatically replicates and serves hot data sets anywhere in the infrastructure using local caching volumes. This is useful for compute-intensive applications such as movie rendering, electronic design automation, seismic analysis, and financial markets simulation; software development and testing in distributed environments  and automated tiered storage.

FlexCache software can be added to existing FAS or V-Series systems running NFS. Dedicated storage acceleration systems can be implemented where only the caching function is required out of the storage systems.

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