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Deduplication on NetApp VTL systems from NETAPP to improve efficiency for data centre backup and recovery

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NetApp  have announced the availability of deduplication on NetApp Virtual Tape Library (VTL) systems, enabling customers to lower the disk capacity required to backup any storage system, including EMC and HP, up to 95%1. NetApp deliver unparalleled cost savings for traditional backup environments by reducing tape media usage and tape drive infrastructure and, now, through highly efficient usage of VTL disk storage through deduplication.

With the addition of deduplication on VTL, NetApp offer the complete deduplication portfolio, spanning backup, archive, and primary storage applications. More than 16,000 NetApp systems have been deployed with deduplication by 3,500 customers.

VTL systems are designed to augment traditional backup environments by providing a disk-based backup tier between backup applications and physical tape libraries that generate tapes for off-site retention. With NetApp VTL deduplication, customers can now identify and eliminate redundant backup data and reduce capacity requirements by 95%. NetApp VTL deduplication is specifically designed for backup environments and, similar to existing NetApp storage efficiency capabilities, VTL deduplication is a native component of the system’s software, as opposed to competing bolt-on approaches.

Having deduplication embedded natively within the storage system makes it easier for customers to set up, manage, and upgrade systems and realise the benefits of reducing capacity needs. NetApp deduplication is available to new and existing customers at no additional charge.

Svein Thon, service line manager, EDB Business Partner ASA, stated that deduplication has proven to be an invaluable addition to their VTL deployment with NetApp. EDB Business Partner were able to turn it on quickly and realise 95% reduction in capacity needed to backup Oracle Databases and file system data. Combining deduplication with the speed and scale of NetApp VTL has allowed EDB Business Partner to improve the efficiency of their backup operations and drive down power costs in the data centre.

Deduplication complements a suite of capabilities embedded in NetApp VTL that are designed to increase the efficiency of enterprise backup and recovery, including:

  • Ten times faster backups fuelled by enterprise-class performance and scale2
  • Fifty percent reduction in tape media costs provided by direct integration with tape libraries that substantially improves tape utilisation3
  • Fifty percent or more reduction in tape library infrastructure by maximising physical tape resources through efficient direct tape creation from NetApp VTL3
  • Ten times faster restores enabled by seamless integration with leading backup applications, including Symantec NetBackup, CommVault Simpana, BakBone
  • NetVault, Syncsort Backup Express, and Atempo Time Navigator4
  • Simplified management through a highly scalable, modular architecture built on NetApp’s single platform solution

This set of capabilities yields dramatic storage and operational efficiencies to reduce the cost of backup with highly scalable VTL systems capable of storing up to 10 petabytes of backup data.

Lauren Whitehouse, analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group said that today enterprises are adopting technologies that increase efficiency and cut costs from their operations. Lauren also added saying that NetApp VTL with its deduplication feature helps organisations realise savings and improve the backup process by focusing more broadly on the entire backup environment, including disk, tape, and operating costs.

According to ESG research, data deduplication tops VTL users’ new features wish list, and features such as deduplication, encryption, and replication are becoming increasingly important in users’ decisions to purchase VTL over other types of disk-based solutions. NetApp’s VTL offering complements its replication-based backup solution designed to serve NetApp storage environments and integrate directly with leading business applications and virtual server environments. With these offerings, NetApp enables disk-based backup for more than 5,000 customers worldwide.

Jay Kidd chief marketing officer, NetApp said that customers are reassessing their data centre backup operations now more than ever. He also stated that tape will continue to have its place, but deduplication and tape optimisation capabilities make disk-based storage a highly effective way to reduce the ongoing IT expense of backup and recovery. NetApp VTL reduces both the disk and tape infrastructure requirements for large backup operations, offering customers the ability to get more speed and scale out of their existing infrastructure at a fraction of the cost.

1 Based on NetApp internal testing, October 2008
2 Based on University of Stuttgart case study
3 Based on customer presentation at Symantec Vision 2008
4 Based on actual customer deployments

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