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Ness Security Products offer the Medi-Alarm medical alarm panel

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The Medi-Alarm medical alarm panel, available from Ness Security Products , is an emergency signalling product, which offers assistance to the elderly and infirm. The Medi-Alarm has a high speed digital dialler that reports to a central station in contact ID format.

The Medi-Alarm is used with Ness Security Products’ radio transmitters such as the Medi-Alarm Pendant Transmitter, Medi-Alarm Inactivity PIR, Ness Mini Radio Reed Switch and other Ness radio devices.

The Medi-Alarm is supplied with a plug pack, dialler, battery backup and one waterproof pendant transmitter. Additional pendant transmitters can be added to the panel too.

The Medi-Alarm from Ness Security Products is activated by pressing the button on a wireless pendant transmitter, which can be worn on a chain around the neck, on a key ring or on the wrist using the wristwatch strap. The pendant transmitter is rugged and fully waterproof, providing users with complete freedom of movement.

The Medi-Alarm can be used with eight pendant transmitters, each having a unique user ID when reporting to the monitoring station. The pendant transmitters use a long-life lithium battery.

The inactivity monitor in the Medi-Alarm is a powerful feature, used by people living alone. Wireless PIRs or wireless reed switches are used to monitor the user’s normal movement through the house. If movement ceases for a pre-programmed interval, the Medi-Alarm will sound a warning and dial the monitoring station.

The Medi-Alarm from Ness Security Products can be programmed to remind users to take medicines at preset intervals, up to 255 hours.

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