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Ness Security Products offer the M1 GOLD 14 inch kit

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article image The M1 GOLD 14 inch kit

The M1 GOLD 14 inch kit, available from Ness Security Products , is a security and automation controller. It is used for security control, automation, access, lighting, HVAC, CCTV, entertainment and electrical devices. The user interface present in the M1 GOLD kit include keypads, touch screens, software for PCs and PDAs, telephones, wireless key fobs or proximity fobs/cards.

The automated voice facility in the M1 GOLD kit announces system status, provides telephone remote control and alerts users of critical temperature levels, water leaks and their children returning home from school, through a phone call. The M1 GOLD system can be controlled over the internet  and alerts users with emails. The M1 GOLD provides users with complete control and alerts them on the information required (onsite or remotely).

The M1 GOLD 14 inch kit from Ness Security Products consists of:

  • 1 x Ness M1 Gold module
  • 1 x 28 inch lockable metal housing
  • 1 x Power Assy kit (including 17 VAC power supply, 12Volt 7 A/H battery, dialler lead, tamper switch and brackets)

The M1 GOLD features a security foundation that is expandable to 208 zones and a multi area partitioning provision.

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