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Ndevr Greenhouse Emissions Reporting from Ndevr

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Ndevr  has developed Ndevr Greenhouse Emissions Reporting (NGER) to enable corporations to capture Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data from business operations and manufacturing processes, transform the data into Emissions Factors and generate reports through Oracle BI tools.

NGER enables Corporations to do the following:

  • Capture data at the facility level
  • Report facility data separately and report data for all facilities under the control of the corporation
  • Report scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions separately or in any combination
  • Report at the ANZSIC level
  • Report on individual emission types separately
  • Store date related emission factors for recalculation usage
  • Easily change emission factors as they change annually
  • Incorporate targets for different emission types
  • Maintain data security, as well as accuracy and transparency
  • Maintain data integrity

NGER has been developed to cater for the flat file requirements associated with the downloading of data into OSCAR.

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