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Innovative transport and storage possibilities

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article image The KitBin is easy to assemble.

NAYLA Pty Ltd believes many companies are wasting money on thin air.

Traditionally, when bulk bins leave the dock loaded they return stacked and empty, and therefore companies are paying unnecessary freight and storage costs.

This can be a hidden processing cost only noticed when analysing the end of financial year figures. An easy way to reduce these costs is to evaluate the different options for storage and transport.

An innovative way to reduce freight and storage costs is the KitBin, available from Nayla Pty Ltd.

The KitBin is a bulk storage and transport 'knock-down' container with removable sides that pack inside a built KitBin for storage and efficiency. The bins can be returned empty.

The KitBin was designed with the user specifically in mind – it is a lightweight plastic that is reusable and recyclable, impervious to moisture and won't rot or sag.

The KitBin is easy for anyone to build or take apart, with the packing instructions stamped on each panel.

The smooth surface of the walls and pallet base makes for easy cleaning. Add to this the reduction in wood product use for paperboards and one-trip cardboard pallets and the environmental benefits are obvious.

Transport benefits

The KitBin solves a common transport problem among growers, suppliers and processing plants.

The secret is the patented design that allows the walls to be removed from the pallet base and packed inside a built KitBin with the other four pallet bases stacked on top.

This creates a 3:1 storage efficient ratio providing significant savings in freight relocation costs as only a third of the inbound trucks are required to return the bins to the source. The longer the distance, the more economical it is for shippers to use KitBins.

Traditionally, once bulk bins are unloaded at their destinations, they are stacked one on top of another and shipped back to the source costing money, and once in storage, the individual bins take up large amounts of space until the next load is ready.

Protects produce

The smooth surface of the KitBin protects produce inside during handling and transport. Produce that is damaged in cheaper bins is waste and substantially reduces returns on profitability.

Hygienic cleaning

KitBins require less maintenance because of their hygienic plastic design and they are moulded in food grade FDA and USDA approved material.

The non-porous surface resists mould or disease carrying organisms. Sanitation can often be achieved with a high-pressure gernie or steam cleaning.

Unlike wooden boxes or cheaper alternative plastic bulk bins, there is no splitting of the panels with the KitBin. Split panels provide a place for bacterium to grow, contaminating load after load of produce.


The KitBin rivals the original Dolav bulk bins in weight capacity, as the KitBin is capable of holding 600kg while only weighing 38kg.

The pallet base is reinforced with ribs to prevent sagging under heavy loading. The interlocking corners enables the KitBin to be stacked up to six high for space saving with a maximum stacking load of 3000k.

The bins are easy to move with a 4-way forklift entry and can be assembled by one person in less than a minute.

Cooling benefits

The units are designed to withstand the extreme temperature and moisture of cold storage rooms. KitBins offer significant benefits for cooling because of the specially designed air vents maximising the rate of cool air flowing through each bin and between produce.

Vented side panels maintain maximum flow-through and product freshness while improving the shelf life of produce through the superior ventilation and drainage.

The KitBin interlocking top corners enable a safe stack up to six high and are ideal for use in a forced air cooling system to direct the path of airflow. This results in faster and even cooling throughout the load assisting in produce uniformity throughout the load in terms of shelf life, ripeness and overall quality.

The smooth surface does not absorb water, making KitBins ideal for use in hydrocooling, wash water systems or ice houses.

The KitBin is also available with solid walls. Alternatively, the base and walls can be mixed, to enable a solid pallet base with four vented walls, a solid pallet base with two vented and two solid walls so that airflow is directed through the stacked bins, or a vented pallet base with solid walls to drain washed goods.

Manufacturing benefits

Single injection moulding creates a one piece unit and the specialised foam structure reduces internal stresses.

KitBin has a high impact resistant HDPE structure ensuring a long life and survival in all types of environments from below -40°C temperature to being outside in UV sunlight.

The manufacture of the KitBin involves the use of a blowing agent in the resin. This process triggers the material to locally generate small bubbles and thus fill up the mould without requiring high pressure, resulting in a strong 'bone like' structure.

This process enables the KitBin to withstand high impact blunt force and to be cleaned with powerful steam jets.

Reduces replacement costs

Collapsible bins present a high cost problem when any part of the bin is damaged as the complete bin becomes unusable.

KitBins reduce replacement costs - if a KitBin panel is damaged, only that particular panel needs replacing - minimising the need for on hand inventory.

Panels are interchangeable and can be replaced individually, limiting the risk of downtime from unusable bulk containers. The individual sides also allow for easier access to contents and easier repair.

Dolav brand

Dolav manufacture the KitBin and ship worldwide. The product is suited for practically any industry including agricultural, food processing, assembly, automotive, consumer goods, transportation and waste and recycling applications.

The main advantages of KitBins are their unique high-impact strength, heavy-duty performance, and resistance to corrosion, durability, long life and lightweight. They are easily cleaned with a high-pressure washer or steam cleaned.

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