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Hygienic and dependable cleaning equipment

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NAYLA markets a wide range of hygienic cleaning equipment with the end user in mind. The product range includes brooms, mops, brushes, dust pans, lobby pans, trash pans, squeegees, scoops, scrapers, nail brushes, short handle brushes, long handle brushes, and tank brushes.

Other items include scoops, jugs, bowls, buckets, spatulas, scrapers, garbage bins, wall brackets (to hang up brooms), etc.

Many companies invest large amounts of money into manufacturing equipment, machinery, employees and their business premise. However, by not properly maintaining these items, many hours of production time and quality of output is lost.

Production time and quality of output lost can be partly attributed to the lack of correct cleaning of machinery and of the workplace.

Often problems are neglected until it is obvious and interferes with the smooth running of production. Not only short term profits are lost. The general condition and lifetime of the machinery and work place also suffer as a result.

Nayla offers a solution to this dilemma with its products that come in a wide range of sizes, widths, lengths and designs that will suit almost every situation especially with the pivoting heads, flagged material, telescopic handles and waterfed handles available.

With so many combinations available, chances are there is less compromise and greater productivity.

Nayla cleaning equipment is made to withstand heavy industrial use, cleaning chemicals and a wide temperature range (-20ºC to 134ºC).

The equipment is available to a variety of industries to assist in the cleaning and prevention of cross contamination in production areas, food preparation areas, manufacturing, stores and factories.

All products are colour-coded and can be implemented into any HACCP system. They also meet both EU and FDA regulations.

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