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High performance commercial vacuum cleaners

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SEBO commercial vacuum cleaner machines, available from Nayla , are designed to give exceptional performance on most floor types.

A rotating brush agitates the pile, releasing grit and dust particles and the combing action of the bristles removes hair and fibre making the vacuum cleaner more efficient than suction alone.

Experts say carpets should be cleaned with a rotating brush, delaying the requirement for carpet shampoo or spray extraction cleaning.

Sebo machines are fitted with S-Class filters. The ‘S’ stands for Schwebstoff-Filter, a filter which according to DIN 24184 has to absorb 99.97% of particles in the size range 0.3-0.5 micron.

Two tests are available. One for filters only and one for complete machines. If a filter is tested and shown to meet the S-Class standard it doesn’t follow that when fitted to a vacuum cleaner that the cleaner will also meet the standard.

The independent laboratory SLG in Chemnitz tested the Sebo Professional G vacuum cleaners and found they all reached the S-Class standard of filtration as complete machines due to a combination of the filter materials used in their dust-tight design.

The operational life of filters depends on the amount and type of material picked up and the usage of the machine.

Fine dust, for example, rapidly saturates the filter reducing air flow and causing the bag, full light to indicate even though the bag still has capacity.

In general, with normal use, Nayla advises changing filters every 10-20 bags.

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