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Environment-Friendly Bulk Storage Bins from Nayla Pty Limited

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George Collins, General Manager at Nayla Pty Limited says that managers are making a mistake when they select storage equipment based on initial costs rather than future maintenance and replacement costs.  

When bulk storage bins are selected based on a low purchase price, people are ignoring the consequences of long term costs caused by potential bin replacement or servicing costs to keep them above food grade requirements. 

Nayla Pty Limited offers a new range of Dolav bulk storage bins that are designed and constructed to be durable, lightweight and repairable while offering superior impact resistance in industrial applications.   

Environmental impact 

Buyers must consider their carbon footprint when buying bulk storage bins.

Many plastic bulk bins must be thrown away when cracked or broken, placing a dent on profits as well as increasing waste disposal and replacement costs, not to speak of the detrimental effect on the environment and landfill. 

Lightweight storage bins lower freight costs   

Dolav bulk bins are made from HDPE material and manufactured using the structural foam technique resulting in a lighter product that lasts longer with minimal maintenance.

Lighter bulk bins lower the gross weight of shipments and in turn, can lower fuel costs and freight by weight costs.  

At only 38kg, Dolav bulk bins are around 8-12kg lighter than conventionally available plastic bins. In fact, loading with Dolav plastic bins can save up to 264kg on a 22-pallet load.

Prevent slower production and OHS risks

Buying transport bins that are inadequate for individual applications can place undue strain and stress on the base and corners of the bin reducing its service life.   

Any damaged bin will need to be removed from the system, affecting production plans and slowing down overall efficiency.

Key advantages of Dolav bulk bins 

  • High impact resistance allows the strong yet flexible HDPE plastic bins to withstand general rough and tumble of everyday use
  • Bin will not break or get damaged after every impact caused by materials handling equipment
  • Bin will not damage factory walls, floors and other machinery
  • Smooth rounded internal walls allow easy cleaning and protection of the product
  • Rounded external edges prevent or reduce risk of operator injuries

Cross contamination

Dolav bulk storage bins are available in multiple colours to meet OHS and HACCP requirements.  

Occupational Health and Safety requirements make it essential to implement colour coding of factory equipment, especially in production areas where the cross contamination risk is high.     

This includes products such as bulk containers, utensils and cleaning equipment that will come in direct contact with food.  

Likewise, if the HACCP concept is implemented throughout the production area, the bin will need to be readily available in multiple colours.

Save money for the long term

According to George, when choosing a bulk bin it pays to consider the total cost of operation since short-term savings can be very costly in the long run.  

The Dolav range of bulk bins offers complete materials storage and transport solutions designed with the end user in mind.

Dolav bulk bins additionally offer flexibility in size wherein they can be modified to practically any height requirements based on ergonomic principles or to reduce the individual load.    

The bins can still be safely stacked with a maximum load capacity of 4,000kg.

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