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Wireless Warehouse Management Solution from Naxtor Technologies

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The Wireless Warehouse Management Solution (WWMS), developed by Naxtor Technologies , streamlines all warehouse processes - receiving, picking, inventory operations, cycle counting, and adjustments.

Enables distributors to improve customer service by helping ensure they get the right products out on time, every time, while improving operating efficiencies through directed warehouse activities.


  • Streamlined warehouse process
  • Immediate feedback
  • Improved control over warehouse tasks
  • Improved customer service

A small wireless handheld device communicates with Naxtor WWMS solution, sending information about who picks what inventory activity and when, in real-time.

Because the Wireless Warehouse Management Solution is fully integrated with Naxtor WWMS, distributors can implement one technology solution for all of their needs, and since the system offers a graphic user interface (GUI), it is easier to navigate than most character-based RF offerings.

Accurate inventory
Wireless functionality enables on-the-fly inventory adjustments when discrepancies are found, and a fully integrated audit trail tracks all changes. Inventory movements within the warehouse are also immediately confirmed within the system.

The WWMS also offers self-directed and system-directed methods for inventory management. The system-directed method automatically suggests up to six bins, giving users the option of choosing an alternative bin location.

The WWMS includes a ranking system similar to ABC classes, but based on the number of hits a bin receives. Primary bin, bin ranking, along with weight and volume of bins and items can be used to calculate optimum placement in your warehouse. When a user locks a damaged bin location or indicates a full bin, the warehouse manager will receive an alert.

With Naxtor WWMS, one or more users may receive against the same purchase order or warehouse transfer. The solution sums up the receipt line quantities as the user processes the transaction. If a distributor has multiple package sizes for an item or runs a random warehouse where more than one item or lot is in the same bin location, then a system of license plating or tagging is an available option, with the ability to create lot numbers and traceable tags on the fly.

During the receiving process, users may identify serial, lot, and lot attributes. If required, tags for individual pallets, cases, or boxes can be applied with recursive identification for several boxes on a pallet. Directed put away is part of the receipt process.

Picking features and benefits
Naxtor WWMS allows for the picking of a single order, multiple orders for different customers, and transfer orders in a single pass through the warehouse. The system directs the picker through the wireless handheld device to the appropriate bin locations, and ensures the correct bin is scanned, the correct item is scanned, and lot/serial is correct. Users have the ability to pick by zone or to pick the entire pick ticket, which enables multiple pickers to simultaneously pick the same ticket or by a pick-and-pass method.

Enhanced bin functionality allows picking sequences to be associated to bin locations. The picker has a “What's Left” function that indicates the lines of the order left to pick. The user also has the ability to add multiple pick tickets to a “Group Ticket” and then pick either by zone or for the entire ticket.

Users can count on it
Naxtor WWMS works with either a wireless device, or a batch-oriented PDA initiated from a PC, for cycle counting and physical inventory. The count is created and the user uploads the count to the PDA or enters the count number on the wireless device. Physical count selection allows counting all bins for a single item or single bin location.

The user then enters the count number and the system prompts the user with the bin and item to scan. By having the user verify the item and bin, it ensures the correct items/bins are being counted. The final count quantity is entered and the count updated. Lots and serials can be adjusted on the device too. The PC user approves the count once any discrepancies have been investigated.

Inventory operations
Item-lot quantities or individual tags can also be consolidated onto other tags or into other bins if needed. Similarly, item-lot quantities in large pack sizes can be broken down to smaller quantities and identified with individual tags before being dispersed within the warehouse and all inventory movements can be immediately verified.

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