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Respond quickly to consumer demands, manage and control inventory and pricing, and manage critical business information across the retail network, from the point of sale (POS) to supply chain, customer, and financial management systems. Here are few important aspects in which Naxtor Technologies Candela retail management system (RMS) can facilitate users to compete in a challenging, constantly changing retail marketplace.

Users can make better use of their employees' time and energy. Users need not engage the shop floor staff in making sales and stock reports, Naxtor Technologies Candela can do it efficiently. Naxtor Technologies Candela provide a user friendly interface, number of automated operations, and integrated information, the staff can focus on serving the customers and delivering service. Shop employees can learn basic POS functions in minutes, while managers can ensure smooth operations at both the store level and at head office with near real-time visibility into inventory, purchasing, and sales performance and trends.

The Retail Management System is fast, flexible transaction processing keeps customers satisfied. Nowadays, customers expect checkout processes to be quick and without a problem, even for complex requests and transactions. With Naxtor Technologies Candela retail management system, POS operators can check prices, and availability of stocks with the click of a button. Making an invoice, with or without barcode scanner is quick and easy. It is possible to process loyalty club customers, sales discounts, sale returns, manage payment break-ups into cash and credit cards, sell on credit with effect to customer ledgers, and process credit cards without any delay or trouble. They can also quickly hold the invoices to serve multiple customers simultaneously.

With the retail management system users can maintain control over products and optimise inventories. Naxtor Technologies Candela retail management system is designed to help retailers respond proactively to consumer demands, ensure timely and efficient replenishment, and build cost-effective relationships across the entire supply chain. Users can track and manage inventories, and reduce theft and shrinkage with system security. Inventory optimisation and planning support helps to reduce the mark down costs. Specialty retailers of garments and footwear will be delighted to see matrix and spread sheet format of multi-dimensional inventory. Just as important, automated, customisable purchasing functionality gives users the control and flexibility they need to keep pace with optimised ordering requirements.

Centralised and integrated management of retail enterprise is possible with the Naxtor Technologies Candela retail management system. It equips chain stores or multi-store businesses to roll up and manage data for all stores from the head office. The system integrates the head office, individual stores, warehouses and POS information and processes. Naxtor Technologies Candela deliver a complete POS solution that delivers all functionality required for managing a multi-store network. From one central location or the head office, users can analyse and control the entire business and manage purchasing and stock distribution chain-wide, using automated stock distribution algorithms.

Centralised control over pricing helps to ensure accuracy at all the stores and enables users to set up flexible pricing structures, discounts, promotions, and sales at both individual stores and chain-wide. Due to centralised management the shop sales staff can search for a particular item across the enterprise with the click of a button and reduce stock out cost for business. Centralised messaging is available so that all shops and warehouses can communicate and send messages to the head office and vice versa. All business policies and internal memos can be circulated and record is maintained in the system.

The retail management system has the ability to scale up with the business growth. When users start their business as a single store retailer they can use Naxtor Technologies Candela retail management system personal edition. When users expand their business into a multi-store enterprise Naxtor Technologies Candela can be upgraded to professional or enterprise edition to serve the needs. Users can add more warehouses and outlets and the system will always be available to help them in effortless management of all their purchases, supplier, stock movements, sales, customers, and business analysis.

Users can simplify complexity and increase inventory accuracy with the retail management system. Naxtor Technologies Candela retail management system simplifies the routine activities of retail enterprise including POS invoicing, stock dispatches, stock receipts, and stock takes. Data entry errors are eliminated through the use of barcode scanners. The sales invoicing as well as the stock dispatches is barcode enabled, stock receipts, stock takes can be done using the barcode scanners. Facility is available to use handheld data collectors for stock movement and stock takes. Stock takes can be done along with the business transaction during the day.

The retail management system enables users to stay current with accurate, timely information about sales, stocks, profitability, customers, and suppliers. Users can put information to work with available reports and the ability to analyse and share information in different formats. This information is grouped into sales, stocks, movement, audit, purchase, and customers. Users can know what is selling best, who is buying, and when, by department, category, or store to decide what to buy or mark down, and track return on investment (ROI) for marketing initiatives. Users can also analyse the inventories performance by looking at sales to stock ratios, inventory turns for different categories and groups.

Users can relax and enjoy managing the business with Naxtor Technologies Candela retail management system as it lets them stay in total control of the business, whether they are in the office or out of the office. Business processes are based on an integrated, automated, and decision support system so the operations can run smoothly whether users are on site or away. This becomes important in chain stores business where owners cannot be physically present at all stores. Automated tracking for all transactions and inventory movement helps to reduce shrinkage, false returns, credit card fraud, and unauthorised discounts. Also, built-in user security ensures employees have access only to the data they need to do their jobs.

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