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National Sheds offers Tips on Erecting Steel Shed Kits

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National Sheds , a leading supplier of barns, farm sheds, industrial sheds and various storage solutions in Australia offers a few suggestions for erecting steel shed kits.

Steel shed kits are an affordable method to protect machinery and produce from the elements. Steel kit sheds can easily be designed to suit specific needs and are also easy to install.

The sheds can be easily erected quickly as a DIY project. Consisting of frame members and various panels, kit sheds are erected by securing the various pieces together with nuts, bolts and screws, minimising the use of tools on smaller sheds.

National Sheds is supported by a team of experienced staff that can assist buyers in designing their sheds of choice.

Tips for erecting steel shed kits:

Once the kit shed design is selected and customised to requirements, approval is required from the local council. National Sheds provides full engineering drawings with floor and footings plans, and all their sheds meet council/ shire requirements as well as the Australian Building Standards.

One should also decide upon the ideal location for the shed. The land should be a well-drained and level area that provides convenient access.

Steel sheds require a foundation/ flooring and one can use simple cast-in strap, dyna bolts or column in concrete footings.

Concrete slab floorings are recommended for erecting a shed as they can hold a lot of weight and give the structure a strong foundation.

While laying concrete can be time-consuming and expensive, National Sheds provides full slab or footing diagrams that can be used when preparing the slab in addition to a list of qualified concreters in the area.

The shed is ready to be put up once the concrete has set completely. The shed kit consists of frame members, side panels, roof panels, doors, windows, barge caps, nuts, bolts and screws among others. All the pieces are numbered for easy identification.  

Concrete is highly corrosive so care needs to be taken when assembling the shed to avoid contact with the ColorBond panels.

The frame of the shed can be assembled using a power drill, socket and pliers. All the pieces have pre-punched holes so that two holes of two frame members can be aligned before bolting them together.

The steel panels are attached to the frame, following which the roof panels are positioned into place. The roof cap is a steel piece that runs from the front to the back to cover the middle seam.

Personal access doors, windows and ventilators can be assembled once the structure is complete.

All steel sheds from National Sheds come with a manufacturer’s warranty on materials.

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