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NMW wins PM’s praise

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Prime Minister Julia Gillard has backed National Manufacturing Week as a showcase of Australia’s manufacturing strengths.

Prime Minister Gillard commented that National Manufacturing Week 2013 will showcase Australian manufacturing industries to the world and encourage Australian manufacturers to develop innovative and internationally leading products. This, she said is important because manufacturing makes a significant contribution to a broad-based and diversified economy, helping drive innovation in industry.

According to Prime Minister Gillard, the manufacturing industry is currently facing tough challenges including a high exchange rate, rapid technological change and increased global competition. However, the Asian Century also offers unique opportunities to renew Australia’s productivity drive and to become more competitive in providing high-quality manufacturing products. Australian manufacturers will be advantaged by a wider set of business opportunities as Asian incomes rise and global value chains expand. Through focusing on their areas of expertise, building niche markets and joining regional value chains, Australia’s manufacturers can build on their success.

Emphasising the Australian Government’s commitment to addressing critical challenges and leveraging the rich opportunities ahead for manufacturing, Prime Minister Gillard said that key directions from the Australia in the Asian Century White Paper and measures such as the NBN, Clean Energy Future Package and the Buy Australian at Home and Abroad initiative will help steer Australian manufacturing towards a brighter future.

Paul Baker, Exhibition Director for NMW 2013 said that NMW has established itself over the past 14 years as a prestigious integrated event for Australia’s manufacturing industry.

Alongside the product showcase featuring over 300 exhibitors, NMW 2013 will offer a rolling program of product demonstrations and opportunities for manufacturers to meet representatives from emerging industry sectors to discuss areas of potential synergy.

NMW 2013 will take place in Melbourne from May 7 to May 10.

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