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THE USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) has entered into an agreement with National Instruments that makes NI TestStand the standard test management software for ensuring computer peripherals comply with new USB 2.0 technology.

By leveraging NI TestStand software, the USB-IF will make a standardised test suite available to its members, which include more than 1,000 USB manufacturers.

TestStand, already in use by 17 of the top 20 electronics manufacturers, will automate the validation of USB 2.0 devices against the stringent USB 2.0 specifications.

"The USB-IF and USB peripheral manufacturers needed a high quality software tool to quickly verify device compliance without the need for time-consuming post-processing of data," Brad Hosler, Intel’s USB 2.0 engineering manager, said.

"TestStand provides an open, flexible environment that delivers significant performance gains for our automated test system."

With TestStand, the USB-IF has developed an automated test system that can manage a wide range of test conditions - from running and managing a small batch of tests that can take seconds to complete, to executing hundreds of complex tests for more complete compliance testing.

USB-IF expects to distribute as many as 2,000 TestStand licenses in the next three years to manufacturers of CD/DVD burners, cameras, scanners, and other USB 2.0 devices.

USB 2.0 increases the speed that computer devices communicate with PCs by as much as 40 times over the current USB standard. National Instruments 03 9879 5166.

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