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TPS intergration in TestStand 3

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article image TestStand -- now with integrated ATLAS.

NATIONAL Instruments has announced TYX PAWS ATLAS test program set (TPS) integration in TestStand 3.0 to protect major investments in existing military and aerospace test systems around the world.

The TestStand 3.0 PAWS ATLAS interface features the ability to browse and select PAWS ATLAS TPS files, specify parameters and perform remote control.

Runtime features of the new TestStand PAWS ATLAS step type deliver full compliance of TPS Server state transitions, such as attaching, loading and detaching; parameter reading and writing; global locking; handling of manual TPS intervention; and the ability to pause and terminate sequence execution.

NI TestStand helps engineers migrate test systems written in legacy test environments. Before TestStand 3.0, engineers spent significant development time to migrate their legacy systems making it difficult to integrate new tools and test methods.

With the open language interface provided by the TestStand module adapters, engineers can quickly integrate new or legacy code to save significant development time and avoid unnecessary risk associated with major changes to existing test code.

In addition to PAWS ATLAS, engineers can use TestStand module adapters to call tests written in popular programming languages such as NI LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Basic .NET, C#, Visual C++, HTBasic, HP-VEE, Perl, TCL, JAVA and Delphi.

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