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Switch management tool improves performance

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NATIONAL Instruments has announced NI Switch Executive 2.0, the latest version of its switch management software that abstracts low level switch configuration by providing a system-level switch programming interface to test applications.

NI Switch Executive 2.0 optimises multimodule integration and high-density switch system development with an enhanced routing engine that delivers 75 times faster design-time performance.

In addition to providing enhanced design-time performance, NI Switch Executive 2.0 dramatically improves run-time efficiency by optimising compiled code to reduce the time necessary to communicate with a switch.

The new version of the software also includes a mass rename feature for simultaneous channel naming and switch system expansion buses. These buses help engineers achieve quick multimodule integration, which enables the software to automatically route signals across several switch modules.

In addition, with sophisticated channel exclusions in NI Switch Executive 2.0, engineers have more control of signal routes, which gives them greater system flexibility and instrument protection.

NI Switch Executive 2.0 builds on the previous version by offering productivity gains in switch system development through system-level switch configuration, channel naming and automatic signal routing.

The software-assisted end-to-end signal routing makes defining and maintaining the system highly intuitive, especially for high-channel-count systems.

In addition, NI Switch Executive features complete switch system validation and reporting to ensure configuration integrity and to assist in switch hardware setup.

The switch management software also offers system-level deployment for easy migration of switch system designs to other computers or stations.

NI Switch Executive increases test code reuse and simplifies switch maintenance with direct integration into NI TestStand test management software and an application programming interface for LabVIEW and LabWindows/CVI development environments and Measurement Studio for Microsoft Visual Basic and Visual C++.

It fully integrates with all NI switch hardware, including the new ultrahigh-density NI PXI-2532 512-crosspoint switch, as well as third-party IVI-compliant switch hardware for faster system setup, design and deployment.

Switch Executive 2.0 and NI switch hardware such as the PXI-2532 matrix module are suitable for applications in a variety of industries including military, aerospace and automotive.

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