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Strain gauge module takes reliable measurements

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ENGINEERS can take reliable, distributed strain measurements with the industrial FP-SG-140 strain gauge module, the latest addition to National Instruments FieldPoint distributed I/O product family.

With 16-bit resolution, the FP-SG-140 is designed for accurate strain measurements in a variety of applications, such as machine and structural monitoring and control.

This module interfaces with a wide variety of transducers, such as load cells and pressure sensors, as well as standard full, half, and quarter bridge strain gauges.

The FP-SG-140 gives users programmable bridge completion for full and half-bridge configuration and the option to program each of its eight channels with a different excitation level of 2.5, 5, or 10V.

Each analog input channel has a software-enabled comb filter that can be set to reject frequencies above 15, 60, or 240Hz.

The module also uses FieldPoint Explorer, an easy-to-use software configuration utility with simple, pull-down menus, to configure the operating mode of each analog input channel.

With the FP-SG-140, users can interface with LabVIEW, Lookout, LabWindows/CVI, or any OLE for process control (OPC) client to quickly create custom measurement applications with shorter set-up time and increased flexibility.

The module works with all FieldPoint network modules, including the new FieldPoint 2000 family of intelligent, ethernet-based network modules that support LabVIEW Real-Time for programming embedded measurement and control applications.

It also integrates with other types of FieldPoint modules to monitor and control sensors, thermocouples, and relays. National Instruments 03 9879 5166.

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